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Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair


Educate. Inspire. Grow. In 1986 the Faculty of Education had its first foray into inviting teachers from other countries to recruit Canadian teachers for overseas schools. TORF was formalized in 1989, and we have placed thousands of teachers in schools in hundreds of countries since then. TORF is the recruiting fair of choice in Canada for many international schools, all of which are independent, accredited schools.


30th Annual TORF - January 26 - 28 , 2018 

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School registration is by invitation.

  • Student at TORF

    TORF provides an opportunity for teachers to have face-to-face interviews with international schools. 

  • Student looking at vacancies

    International schools have many exciting jobs to offer teachers.

  • Library Social

    Network with other teachers and administrators from all over the world.

  • Students

    Happy teachers heading overseas for their first teaching positions. 

  • Signed Contract

    Many contracts are offered and signed on the weekend of the fair.

  • We're looking forward to receiving your application to TORF!

TORF provides an on-site, three-day venue that allows teachers to have face-to-face interviews with international school administrators, and to sign contracts. We have impressive placement statistics and offer candidate support that is equal to none.​

We are renowned for our collegial and cooperative atmosphere and for our personal touch. Our planning committee consists of Queen’s faculty, staff, students and alumni, who are all committed to international education. Our attention to detail and on-site support are designed to support teachers as they make important decisions. As a not-for-profit educational organization, we also provide valuable professional development opportunities for teachers and school administrators throughout the TORF weekend.

In addition to TORF, we also maintain a registry of teachers interested in international opportunities, the Teachers' Overseas Placement Service (TOPS). TOPS operates on a year-round basis and is open to teachers with certification in North America and to accredited, international schools. International schools that did not attend TORF may register to have access to our candidate database after TORF concludes. 


To provide a collegial and supportive environment in which outstanding, innovative educators are partnered with leading international schools to create inspiring opportunities for personal, professional and organizational growth. TORF and TOPS are organized by educators for educators.

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