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Multi-Faith Discussion: Faith and Hope in Uncertain Times

We live in a precarious world in which the ideas of hope and faith are not often discussed within our communities, especially with recent global events. Join the Queen’s Faculty of Education for an open dialogue with a multi-faith panel focused on the ideas of hope and faith.

Wednesday, April 19

5-7 pm

Auditorium at Duncan McArthur Hall (511 Union Street West)


Movies, Madness and Creativity March 30

In the book, Creativity and Mental Illness (2014), the editor, James Kaufman, begins by asking: “Are creative people more likely to be mentally ill?” According to Kaufman: “This basic question has been debated for thousands of years” (p. 1). And yet, after all that time, there still appears to be no consensus, as the medical field continues to wrestle with the question. But maybe Hollywood has some of the answers. In this discussion, we will, then, go back to 1931, when the movie The Mad Genius was released, and enjoy a romp through the last 85 years of cinematic representations of creativity and mental illness. Who knows what we’ll find …