Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

The Deans

Dean Rebecca Luce-Kapler

Dr. Rebecca Luce-Kapler is the Dean of the Faculty of Education. Her research interests are: writing processes, pedagogies and technologies; E-literature, fiction, and poetry; teacher education; and curriculum theory.

Rebecca Luce-Kapler

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To make an appointment with Dr. Luce-Kapler, please contact Erin Rennie.

Associate Dean Graduate Studies & Research Don Klinger

Dr. Don Klinger is the  Associate Dean Graduate Studies & Research. His research interests are: program evaluation; quantitative research methods; psychometrics and policy issues of large-scale assessments; measures of school effectiveness; building connections amongst the research and professional communities in education.

Associate Dean Don Klinger at a book launch

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To make an appointment with Dr. Klinger,  please contact Erin Rennie.

Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies Peter Chin 

Dr. Peter Chin is the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Coordinator of Technological Education. His research interests are: teacher education; science education; high school co-operative education; and workplace learning.

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To make an appointment with Dr. Chin, please contact Wendy Gratto.