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Teaching Assistantship Positions

Graduate Teaching Fellow Positions


Types of Positions

There following are the different types of positions at our Faculty:

Tenure Track

Tenure Track positions are associated with job titles, such as Professor and Associate Professor. Academic tenure is primarily intended to guarantee the right to academic freedom.

Continuing Track

Continuing Track professors are guaranteed the right to return to their positions and the courses of their choosing; however, they do not hold tenure.

Adjunct with general rights of return

Adjuncts with general rights of return are part-time professors who do not hold a permanent position at the Faculty. A General Right of Reappointment is earned after a member has served three or more consecutive academic years as a Term Adjunct at Queen’s and whose years of service times the cumulative number of full-course equivalents they have taught equals twelve or more.

Graduate Teaching Fellow (GTF)

GTFs are graduate students who serve as the sole instructor of a Bachelor of Education course. The GTF is responsible for all aspects of curriculum and assessment. Most fellowship nominations are adjudicated by the Fellowship Committee of the School of Graduate Studies through annual competitions. Others are administered by departments.

Adjuncts with specific rights of return

Adjuncts with specific rights of return are part-time professors who do not hold a permanent position. Specific Right of Reappointment takes effect once a member has taught the same course(s) or the same section(s) of course(s) for two consecutive years. A Member must teach a minimum of one half-credit, and must be responsible for 100% and not only part of that half-credit, to be entitled to Specific Right of Reappointment. There is no maximum on the number of courses for which someone can hold Specific Right of Reappointment, and one can earn entitlement to more than one section of the same course.

Term adjuncts with and without benefits

Term adjuncts with and without benefits are instructors with a limited-term faculty appointment of one term to three years in duration and with a limited range of academic responsibilities (e.g., instruction/evaluation, coordination/administration).

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are graduate students (MEd and PhD candidates). They are supervised by one instructor and are assigned to assist the professor during his/her course. The professor and Teaching Assistant sign the Queen’s Teaching Assistant Agreement Form which outlines the total number of hours for which the Teaching Assistant is to be paid (total number of hours per term is 100) and the allocation of those hours by duties/responsibilities. Some duties/responsibilities include: a) lecturing, b) marking assignments, c) attending classes, and d) regular meetings with course instructors. New Teaching Assistants are required to take a three hour introductory training workshop. They are financed through the Faculty of Education.


The Faculty employs approximately 40 staff members, including administrative assistants, coordinators, and managers, as well as an instructional designer and technical support staff. Staff positions are advertised on the Queen’s Human Resources website.

Working at Queen's University

The Dean delivering an address in the library.

Queen’s is one of Canada’s most prestigious and innovative universities located in one of the country’s most appealing cities – Kingston, Ontario.

The University is known for the quality of its programs; its active and high-achieving student body; its vibrant, residential community; and its international opportunities.

Queen's is one of the country’s top-ranked institutions and has a global reputation for scholarship, research, social purpose, spirit, and diversity.

Living & Working in Kingston

Kingston, situated at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, is midway between Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. The beautiful and historic Thousand Islands region is at its doorstep, as is the bridge crossing the St. Lawrence River to the USA. It is easy to work, live, and travel in Kingston where there are abundant opportunities for cultural, recreational, and leisure activities.

Aerial view of Kingston.


Mandatory Training for Employees

As part of government mandated regulations, all employees of the University are required to complete the following training modules. University employees include: faculty members, staff, graduate teaching fellows, teaching assistants and casual staff.

Equity Training

As part of its obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005) the University is required to provide mandatory training. All employees of the University are expected to complete the training.

The AODA Training Suite can be found at http://www.queensu.ca/equity/training

  • Faculty, GTFs and TAs must complete: 1. Accessible Customer Service, 2. Human Rights 101, 3. Access Forward and 4. Accessible Instruction for Educators.
  • Staff must complete: 1. Accessible Customer Service, 2. Human Rights 101 and 3. Access Forward.

Environmental Health & Safety Training

In compliance with Ontario Regulation 297 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all employees of the University must complete Safety Awareness Training. The training module can be found at http://www.safety.queensu.ca/training.

In addition to the Safety Awareness Training, supervisors (defined as a person who has control over the workplace or authority over an employee) must also complete the Supervisor Health & Safety training session. Registration information can be found at https://www.queensu.ca/safety/courses/supervisor.htm.

In compliance with Bill 168 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all employees of the University must complete the Violence and Harassment training. For information on upcoming training sessions, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety office at safety@queensu.ca.


The Faculty offers four awards for faculty and staff. See Faculty and Staff Awards